Our team is full of innovative thinkers, creative problem
solvers, and safety-conscious professionals.

We are always striving for improvement.

We like to challenge the status quo.

Safety Always. People First.

Our team excels on technically complex projects.

Our team has the experience you need for your environmental, demolition, and civil projects. We treat our clients as a partner, and provide them with creative solutions, expedited project delivery, and cost savings.

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DT has experience with excavation and replacement of contaminated soils from hydrocarbons to heavy metals. DT can resolve your remediation issues, which includes asbestos abatement, hazardous material removal, soil remediation, Brownfield sites, asset recovery, and site preparation.

Our team is fully capable of handling permitting and licensure for any project, including hazardous materials, special waste disposal, concrete crushing, and concrete recycling,

  • PCB’s
  • Lead
  • Contaminated Soil
    • One often overlooked aspect of demolition is dealing with contaminated soil. This is a very common problem in states with lots of oil rigs. When we remove contaminated soil we make sure the project is fully up to code. Identifying all the bad soil, documenting everything, disposing of the soil, and finding appropriate replacement soil is all part of the job.
  • Asbestos
    • We are fully trained and compliant with NESHAP, AHERA, and OSHA regulations, so inspecting and abating asbestos is no problem for us.

      There’s no scarier word in construction than, asbestos. Thankfully we’re fully trained and ready to handle any kind of asbestos situation. During our site assessment our licensed inspectors check the ACM levels to see what course of action is needed. After the assessment, we make sure everything is fully compliant with NESHAP standards during the abatement process. Our team is so skilled in asbestos abatement, we frequently clean up after other demolition companies who were doing an improper job.
  • Tank Decommissioning
    • Our team is qualified and experienced at providing tank removal of above ground storage tanks (AST) and underground storage tanks (UST) that contained chemicals of any kind. We decommission tanks the safe way, taking care of notifying everyone from the fire marshal to local community members. Our experience ranges on tanks from as little as 500 gallons to as large as 1m barrels.
  • Asset Retirement/Recovery
    • Project Example: OG&E coal blending system project
  • Brownfields Demolition
  • Selective Demolition
    • Historical Demolition
      • Archer Building example
    • Structural Demolition
    • Industrial Demolition
    • Site Demolition
    • Site Preparation
      Completing a demolition project includes the site assessment with the client. DT prides ourselves in leaving sites with or ready for sod and seeding so the owner has no exposure to potential problems.

      Extensive site preparation is one of the many things that sets DT apart from other demolition companies. Our goal is to always give you a site that is ready to start construction as soon as possible. During the demo process we ensure landscape control by setting up silt fencing and planting sod to make sure we keep all the dirt on site and off the surrounding roads. If needed, we can also set up fencing and barricades to keep everyone safe. No job is complete until we level the dirt to your specifications so it’s ready for whatever the next step may be.
  • Demolition Management
    • Clearing the way for the future. High-rise demolition.
    • Safe, effective, high-end machines, expert operators.
    • Complete removal of debris. Recycling and scrapping by us, for the environment, because we care about the world we leave for our children.

Some of the most important work is completed before vertical construction begins. That’s where our team excels.  

  • Site Demolition
  • Site Clearing
  • Earthwork
  • Site Utilities
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Scrap management
  • Equipment salvage assessments
  • Environmental Assessments

We take pride in our equipment fleet. We have an inventory of over 100 pieces of equipment. This is important because we are self-reliant. We aren’t relying on rental companies to provide us with the resources necessary to perform our job. This is especially critical when unique attachments are needed for projects that are not easily rented, or bought these days.

We do our best to ensure that our equipment is serviced, and thoroughly checked before being mobilized to any job. We have a highly trained in-house maintenance staff that ensures our equipment is kept on a strict preventative maintenance schedule. This allows us to confidently verify all our equipment is in safe and reliable working condition. This limits the possibility of a breakdown on a job and helps mitigate additional costs and schedule delays. Additionally, we have the capability to move our equipment in-house, and we enjoy passing along those savings to our clients.