Camelot Hotel


PROJECT TYPE: Asbestos Abatement & Demolition

WASTE DIVERSION: (Recycling): 75%+ 


Project overview

As Tulsans, we understand the significance this building held. We were honored to be contracted by QuikTrip Corporation to abate and demolish the 9-story hotel. We feel only a local contractor could do this project with the honor and respect this historic building deserved.

In just 45 days, our team completed demolition of the 170,000 square foot cast-in-place concrete building, exported all materials, and completed site work on the 6-acre lot. 

History: Located at Interstate 44 and Peoria Ave, the Camelot Inn opened in 1965. It was designed by Bob Piland / Piland-Butz architects, who also designed the University Club Tower in Tulsa. With 330 rooms, a moat, drawbridge, and a replica of Excalibur – this hotel drew visitors from all over the world: including Elvis Presley!

In 1996, the doors of the Camelot Parkside Hotel ultimately closed. Eventually, QuikTrip purchased the property for redevelopment. QuikTrip’s first store opened in 1958 near the site of the Camelot Hotel. They built a store on the site after it was cleared, paying homage to the original QuikTrip and another piece of Tulsa’s history.