Harrison received his Bachelor’s in Construction Management from Oklahoma State University. Over the next 10 years, he completed internships and worked as a Project Engineer and Project Manager for a general contractor. He’s found his passion in the specialty contracting industry where he has continued building his career for the last 8 years. He has managed and estimated projects of all sizes and scopes throughout the years, which demonstrates his ability to adapt to whatever project is thrown his way.

Harrison stays heavily involved in pre-demolition activities and operations. He ensures that quality standards are met, the project stays within budget, and the schedule is strictly followed. His overall role is to provide interface, support, and guidance to our team through continuous communication and mentorship.

As the father of two young and active boys, you can find Harrison at the baseball fields in his spare time. He enjoys golfing when he can be convinced to stop working (but he’s no Tiger Woods), and don’t get him started on racing (he might nerd out).

The most valuable tool Harrison brings to the DT team is his ability to communicate with every individual from every walk of life. He is never afraid to pick up the phone or to have a hard conversation when employees have concerns. He is truly a unique asset to DT and a great part of the leadership team!