David graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Construction Management.

As the proud father of two sons, it is no wonder he gained a unique interest in the demolition industry. David left the general contracting world and founded DT Specialized Services in 2002. He has earnestly worked on growing the company ever since, continually finding innovative ways to provide turnkey solutions for our clients. He has successfully and strategically grown our services to include environmental and civil work, which often go hand-in-hand with demolition projects.

You will easily discover that David enjoys being heavily involved in all project operations. He takes pride in securing your project’s success by making sure all necessary resources are committed to your project.

Throughout your project, he will provide critical oversight and support to the field team and help manage site logistics. The unique characteristic David brings is that he never loses sight of the overall goal: complete safety for all workers and bystanders. He has a long resume of successfully executing projects, on time and on budget.

His commitment to growth and his innovative approach to this industry has molded DT into one of the greatest and most respected specialty contractors in the Midwest.